What is the difference between a good and a very good auditor?

In our opinion, a very good auditor does not only accomplish his or her task of a voluntary or legal audit, but also creates an additional benefit for the company which is to be audited.

Here, the personal relationship between the responsible auditor and the management or the supervisory board of the company which is to be audited, plays an important role. We place great demands on being a competent contact partner for the company!

Due to our extensive experience in the field of auditing, we are able to guarantee a minimization of everyday work interferences which are caused by the audit. Thus, we believe in a personnel consistency within the auditing team so that the company’s business concept and processes do not have to be explained every year.

We listen to our clients and also address questions and needs within the scope of an audit of annual accounts. This also includes that a trusted contact partner is on site and that we can assure short decision making processes. By using the newest EDP-supported audit approaches, we do not only ensure a qualitatively advanced, but also an efficient audit.

To us, the audit of annual accounts is not a solely orientated realization of a legal requirement. We align our audit approach with purposefully pointing out weak spots within the company and supporting it in order to strive for a better organization in the future. We place importance on a transparent communication so that the management is informed about audit findings at any time and knows the latest status of the audit.

Our reports are orientated towards the legal requirements, but complemented by meaningful, company-specific information. Therefore, the so-called management-letter after the completion of an audit of annual accounts belongs to a standard-“by”-product of our work.


Our audit services comprise:

  • Audits of annual accounts
    – Audit of financial statements and group financial statements according to national (HGB) and international GAAP (IFRS, US-GAAP)
    – Audits according to German (IDW PS) and international (ISA) audit norms
  • Special audits as established in stock corporation law
    – Foundation audit
    – Audits of capital increases caused by non-cash contributions
    – Audit of the dependent company report
    – Audit of control and profit transfer agreements
    – Squeeze-out-audits
    – Special audits (e.g. due to improper overvaluation or undervaluation)
  • Change of corporate form audits
    – Merger audit
    – Demerger audit
  • Other audits
    – Audit of risk recognition systems
    – Audit of compliance management systems
    – Audits according to Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG) (German Renewable Energy Law)
    – Audits according to § 36 WpHG (German Securities Trading Act)
    – Audits according to § 53 HGrG (German Law on Budgetary Principles)
    – Audit according to the Real Estate Agent and Commercial Contractor Regulation (MaBV)
  • Audit-related services
    – Review of annual and interim accounts
    – Expert arbitrator function
    – Due diligence
    – Internal audits