External Quality Control

§ 57a WPO binds German Certified Public Accountants to perform the legal audit of annual accounts in order to participate in an external quality control.

We have gained many years of experience in performing external quality controls according to § 57a WPO (peer review). Peer reviews which have been performed up to now, affect legal entities of Certified Public Accountants, shareholders and partnerships of lawyers belonging to the medium-sized sector (2-5 partners) and also auditing companies which are active throughout whole Germany and in charge of hundreds of employees.

Our experiences show that the appraisal of findings (individually established or systemic deficiencies) is of great significance. According to this, we try, together with the company which is to be audited, to prioritize the determination of facts, before a suitable appraisal can be carried out.

Since the external quality control comprises a multitude of people who are involved, we focus on a clear, understandable report within the quality control report in order to soundly present our audit results to the client as well as to the quality control committee of the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants.

Besides the performance of an extermal quality control, we are also available as a contact partner for the following Services:

  • Preparation for peer review participation
  • Performing order-related quality assurance (critique of the report, order-accompanied quality assurance) for professional counterparts
  • Participation in the internal inspection of auditing practices