Listed companies

Listed companies are subject to a large number of regulations. Involved areas are in particular:

  • Financial reporting
    For example special demands on the management report/group management report, the publication of annual and semi-annual financial reports, as well as on quarterly interim reports, audit of published account statements by the DPR (German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel)
  • Corporate Governance
    For example regulations on the formation of audit committees, German corporate governance code
  • Listing
    For example the authorization requirement of the stock exchange prospectus by the BAFIN (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority)
  • Disclosure requirements pursuant to the stock exchange law
    For example regulations on insider trading, obligation to perform ad hoc-announcements in certain cases

We have gained many years of experience in advising and auditing listed companies. We offer expertise in the above-mentioned areas and are particularly acquainted with the special characteristics of Small Caps. Maybe you are even looking for a supervisory board member experienced in financial reporting or the audit of annual accounts. Please contact us, we are open for your requests.