DRSC adopts DRÄS 10

The German Accounting Standard Committee (DRSC) adopted German Accounting Amendment Standard No. 10 (DRÄS 10) on 17 October 2019. DRÄS 10 mainly clarifies the regulations in DRS 25 Currency Translation in the consolidated financial statements for inflation adjustment by indexation.

In addition, editorial changes have been made to DRS 16 Half-Year Financial Reporting, DRS 19 Obligation to prepare Consolidated Financial Statements and to define the Scope of Consolidation and DRS 23 Capital Consolidation (Inclusion of Subsidiaries in the Consolidated Financial Statements), which are caused by paragraph shifts in the Securities Trading Act due to the Second Act to Amend Financial Market Regulations based on European Legal Acts (Second Financial Market Amendment Act – 2nd FiMaNoG).

DRÄS 10 becomes efective upon the announcement by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection.